Frequently Asked Questions


The range of services we offer will be continuously enriched as Business Interval will be the only, the fastest and most reliable destination for buying and selling businesses in the Greek market.

We are already developing the next version of the website which will be even more specialized to the sector of buying, selling and valuing businesses.

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How can I change or update my listing information?

Once your business is published on the website, you can find it and follow it through the “Businesses” page on our website. To make changes to your listing you will need to contact us with the listing code and the change you wish to make to it. Initially, Business Interval will have control of the listings for the security of your personal data.

Note: when you submit an entry for the first time or a change, it may take a short time for our customer service team to process the relevant information.

How do I renew my listing?
There is no need to worry about renewing your listing, as in the current version of the website we have not set an expiration date for the listing.
How can I register at

If you want to advertise your business, go to the Sell a Business form and fill in the required fields. Once you have completed the process, you can send us some additional photos you want to post in the listing, then we verify the information you have sent us and your listing is ready for publication.

Will my listing appear on Google?

Of course, your listing will appear on Google. However, to increase your chances of gaining visibility we recommend that you add as many details as you can to the “Description” field of the “Sell a Business” form. Listings with rich content are more recognizable to search engines than those with little or no content.

We urge you to write as many details about your business as you’d like, but you should choose carefully what you mention, since you should not input any information that could reveal the identity of the business.

What happens if I fail to sell my business?

Selling a business requires patience, as based on studies it has been proven that the average promotion time for a company before being purchased by an interested investor can range from 6-12 months. For this reason, Business Interval has not set an expiration date for the listing you are posting. In case you do not reach an agreement with a buyer / investor during the first promotion period, we suggest you edit your listing and add more details that will pique market interest.

How much will it cost to promote my business?

Your business advertising costs will be zero. Creating and promoting the listing on our site and social media is free of charge.


Our goal is to offer our services free of charge to all interested parties so as to make the most of our platform’s revolutionary potential and become acquainted with the future of business buying and selling in Greece.


The only fee we take is 3% of the sale price of the business in case you sell it to a buyer we brought you in contact with through our website. We operate based on the effectiveness of the services we offer so we will receive this amount only in case we succeed in finding you a buyer. (the percentage depends on the company’s sale price, in case of exorbitant amounts, the number is reduced)

Can I remain anonymous?

Business Interval recognizes that selling a business can be a sensitive process with information that you want to keep confidential. For this reason all business listings will be anonymized on our website.

Information that may reveal the identity of the business (e.g. exact location, business name, telephone, etc.) will not appear and will be used exclusively by us to verify your information and contact the person in charge of the listing.

For the sake of confidentiality, we do not disclose your personal contact information until a potential buyer shows interest and you wish to be put in contact.

How can I create multiple entries?

Each user has the ability to create multiple entries that will have separate passwords. This way users can refer to them and distinguish between them when they contact us.

You can do it on any page on the site with the “Sell a Business” button. Just fill in the details on the form and you can create an entry. Each entry must be uploaded separately.

How do I create a good listing?

If you want to create the best possible listing to attract the right buyers, make sure to fill out all the necessary elements of the form and post photos, since this is what will pique buyers’ interest. A key part of a good listing is the “Description” field on the form, where you can write details such as the history of your business, its equipment, competitive advantage etc.

In the near future we will publish the “Registration Guide” where we will give you all the necessary tips you need.

How do I add business photos?

The Listing Creation Form you need to fill out to create your business listing has a dedicated field for photos. Once you have completed and sent the listing form, you will receive an automated email with the details you entered and instructions for adding additional photos to your listing, if that’s something you are interested in.


The procedure is as follows:


Once we receive the completed Listing Creation form along with the photos you have attached (maximum 5 photos), we add them to your listing. In case you want to add more, you will need to send us an email with the additional photos and the subject should be the listing code along with the phrase “Create a Listing”.
e.g. “BI-GR-12 – Create a Listing”

What is the procedure for posting the listing?

The user fills in the necessary fields and sends us the completed form along with the photos of the company. In case the user wants to add more photos to the listing, he can send them via an email to [email protected]. Business Interval accepts the above information and initiates the verification process to confirm their accuracy.

Once the verification is completed and we receive your photos, we will post your listing on the site and you will be one step closer to selling your business.

Why do I have to state the name of my business?

Part of the process of creating a listing is giving the name of your business. This information, together with other details that may reveal the identity of the company, will not be published.

On the contrary, it will remain confidential and will only be used to verify the details of the business and for Business Interval to contact you.

Can you sell a losing business / How to sell a failed business?
Even if you have noticed a relative decline in your business, you can still find an interested buyer. There are many buyers / investors looking for a lower value business in which they can invest capital, time and energy.

However, before selling, be sure to sort out any liabilities that may exist, such as legal issues, or resolve any loose ends, such as legal issues or outstanding debts. In this way, you can focus mainly on your company’s assets when an interested buyer makes contact.

Do not try to avoid mentioning your business’ weak points, as you can be sure that the interested buyer / investor is going to do their homework before making any decision. It is better to be honest in advance because business is complex and all businesses, even the most successful, have their strengths and weaknesses.
Do I need a lawyer to sell my business?
During the sales process you will need to address certain legal issues and the respective contracts. It is advisable, when drafting any contracts, to take advice from a lawyer or at least ask one to review all documents before signing.

A lawyer will also be able to assist with setting up a Confidentiality Agreement to be signed by the buyer before disclosing the full details of the business to complete his investigation.
How can I quickly sell my small business?
In case you want to sell the business as soon as possible, there are some steps you can follow that will help you.

Make sure the value of the business is correct. If your asking price far exceeds the true market value, you will have a hard time finding a buyer. Make sure you are adequately prepared to respond to any questions/issues buyers may have after doing their research. Make sure you have all the necessary documents and financial information in order and ready when requested.

Create an attractive listing with high-quality photos and add as much information as you can to pique buyers’ interest. However, you should be selective with the information you publish to avoid disclosing the identity of your business.

You can also look for a company similar to yours that may want to expand its customer base or even acquire your equipment, accessories or facilities.
How is the goodwill of a small business valued?
The goodwill is a key component of a company’s value, but due to its intangible nature, it is difficult to assign a specific value to it. It tends to be higher if you have stable relationships with your customers and suppliers, or even intellectual property rights that give you an edge in the market.

There are many methods used to calculate goodwill, however, the most important is the value that someone is willing to pay for your business. A professional valuation of your business will help guide you through the process of finding a buyer, as well as the research that will need to be done.
How long does it take to sell a business?
The answer to this question varies greatly depending on the company and the sector in which it operates. In general, the average sale of a business lasts between 6 to 12 months. However, there are times when it will take less or even longer to sell (e.g. market recession). Having a price in line with the market helps the business to move faster than it would if it were over-priced.
Should my accountant sell the business?
In order to sell a business, we recommend that you employ the services of an accountant. They will be able to help you prepare the necessary documents for the buyer’s research, the business valuation and the settlement of any outstanding obligations. These actions make your business even more attractive to buyers.

An accountant may also be able to properly manage and process the structure of your agreement with the interested buyer if they have the appropriate experience in the field of business buying and selling.
How do buyers get in touch with me?

Buyers will be able to visit our website and search for the business that fits their needs and goals. If they find it, they can fill in the necessary form on your business listing. This information is then sent to us, and we immediately inform the seller that a potential buyer has expressed interest.

At Business Interval your personal information is of the utmost importance and is disclosed only selectively to interested buyers, and only if you agree.

How do I make contact with sellers?

To contact the seller of a particular business, fill out the “expression of interest” form on that business’ listing at Go to the “Contact” field, where you will be able to send your contact information and a message to the seller.

We receive the information you submit and immediately inform the seller of your interest. Keep in mind that the seller may ask for more information before disclosing further details about the business. You may be asked to sign a Confidentiality Agreement to protect the seller from information being divulged to third parties. This cultivates an optimum professional environment for negotiations, even if they happen not to end in agreement.

How can I learn more about a particular business that is up for sale?

If you want more information about a business for sale, you should contact the seller or the seller’s representative (representative or any intermediary) by filling in your contact details on the “expression of interest” form. Business Interval does not retain any further information about businesses for sale than is currently available on the website.

Keep in mind that the seller may ask for more information from you, as well, before disclosing further details about the business. You may be asked to sign a Confidentiality Agreement to protect the seller from information being divulged to third parties. This cultivates an optimum professional environment for negotiations, even if they happen not to end in agreement.

Why hasn’t the seller responded yet / at all?

The seller may take some time to provide you with the necessary information, especially if they must coordinate with a lawyer or accountant. Make sure you check your spam folder and your messages / calls after sending the “expression of interest.”

Most sellers respond immediately to the “expression of interest.” In case you do not receive a response, keep looking through the options offered by Business Interval. There is no doubt that the business which meets your needs is on our website.

What should I include in my message?
When you are ready to express your interest in a business, put as much information about yourself as possible in your message to the seller. You will need to demonstrate that you are a serious buyer by explaining why you are interested in the business.

Most sellers will respond to all parties who show interest. The key element is to stand out.
How do I find the true value of a business for sale?
Perhaps the most important characteristics you need to consider in a business are its cash flows and assets. The real value of the business is always in the profit that you can actually make from it.

The value will clearly be higher if the company has a good track record and a well-established customer base. In addition, market conditions and the reason the owner decided to sell it are also serious factors in determining its price.

It is helpful to acquaint yourself with the seller’s own valuation process to understand if the business has been assessed correctly or not and if there is room for negotiation. Before you decide to buy a business, you should do the proper research to ensure that it is worth buying.
Should I buy a business or start from scratch?
Starting a new business will initially be cheaper than buying an existing one. However, buying a business allows you to start running it right away, save a lot of time and avoid mistakes that are inevitable in getting a business to the point of profitability.

If you buy a business that has been operating for years, you have the advantage that the product or service offered has been market tested.

The final decision, however, depends on your personality and preferences. On the one hand, you can start a business, with the knowledge however that most new businesses fail. On the other hand, you can buy a business that will not give you all the creative freedom that comes with starting your own business, but nevertheless has a proven business model.
Is the bidding process for buying a business complicated?
Before you get to the point of making an offer to buy, you must have a clear idea of how to finance the purchase. You also need to be prepared to negotiate the price.

Do market research on companies similar to the one you are interested in so you know what a reasonable price is for what you intend to buy. Negotiations on your part should always start with the lowest price that is still fair. During the negotiations, be ready to justify your offer with reference to facts and research.
What if a business listing contains inadequate / inaccurate information?

Business Interval makes every effort to ensure that all business listings advertised on our website are genuine and encourages sellers to provide as much relevant information as possible. The information provided does not originate with us but from the owners or their agents themselves.

If you are interested in further exploration of a particular business, fill out the expression of interest form from on the listing page so that the seller can contact you. Business Interval does not have more information about a business for sale than is currently available on the website.

Keep in mind that the seller may ask for more information from you, as well, before disclosing further details about the business. You may be asked to sign a Confidentiality Agreement to protect the seller from information being divulged to third parties. This cultivates an optimum professional environment for negotiations, even if they happen not to end in agreement.

Is there a membership/user fee as a buyer?
No. As a buyer you do not need to create a profile or pay any fees to use our service. You can freely browse our website and look for the right business for you.