Create a Listing


How much will it cost to promote my business?

Your business advertising costs will be zero. Creating and promoting the listing on our site and social media is free of charge.


Our goal is to offer our services free of charge to all interested parties so as to make the most of our platform’s revolutionary potential and become acquainted with the future of business buying and selling in Greece.


The only fee we take is 3% of the sale price of the business in case you sell it to a buyer we brought you in contact with through our website. We operate based on the effectiveness of the services we offer so we will receive this amount only in case we succeed in finding you a buyer. (the percentage depends on the company’s sale price, in case of exorbitant amounts, the number is reduced)

Can I remain anonymous?

Business Interval recognizes that selling a business can be a sensitive process with information that you want to keep confidential. For this reason all business listings will be anonymized on our website.


Information that may reveal the identity of the business (e.g. exact location, business name, telephone, etc.) will not appear and will be used exclusively by us to verify your information and contact the person in charge of the listing.


For the sake of confidentiality, we do not disclose your personal contact information until a potential buyer shows interest and you wish to be put in contact.

How can I create multiple entries?

Each user has the ability to create multiple entries that will have separate passwords. This way users can refer to them and distinguish between them when they contact us.


You can do it on any page on the site with the “Sell a Business” button. Just fill in the details on the form and you can create an entry. Each entry must be uploaded separately.

How do I make a good listing?

If you want to create the best possible listing to attract the right buyers, make sure to fill out all the necessary elements of the form and post photos, since this is what will pique buyers’ interest. A key part of a good listing is the “Description” field on the form, where you can write details such as the history of your business, its equipment, competitive advantage etc.


In the near future we will publish the “Registration Guide” where we will give you all the necessary tips you need.

How do I add business photos?

The Listing Creation Form you need to fill out to create your business listing has a dedicated field for photos. Once you have completed and sent the listing form, you will receive an automated email with the details you entered and instructions for adding additional photos to your listing, if that’s something you are interested in.


The procedure is as follows:


Once we receive the completed Listing Creation form along with the photos you have attached (maximum 5 photos), we add them to your listing. In case you want to add more, you will need to send us an email with the additional photos and the subject should be the listing code along with the phrase “Create a Listing”.

e.g. “BI-GR-12 – Create a Listing”

What is the procedure for posting the listing?

The user fills in the necessary fields and sends us the completed form along with the photos of the company. In case the user wants to add more photos to the listing, he can send them via an email to [email protected] Business Interval accepts the above information and initiates the verification process to confirm their accuracy.


Once the verification is completed and we receive your photos, we will post your listing on the site and you will be one step closer to selling your business.

Why do I have to state the name of my business?

Part of the process of creating a listing is giving the name of your business. This information, together with other details that may reveal the identity of the company, will not be published.


On the contrary, it will remain confidential and will only be used to verify the details of the business and for Business Interval to contact you.