Terms of Use


The following text contains the terms of use for the website www.businessinterval.com (hereinafter, “Site”). The terms that follow have been defined by the management of the Company who administer the Site. They concern all of those persons who visit and use the Site. Users, before navigating the Site, are kindly asked to read the conditions indicated below with attention and, if they discover that they disagree with one or more of these conditions, they should refrain from making use of it. Visiting, remaining on and using any of the provided functions of the Site imply automatically consent to the below terms of use and the Privacy Policy.

For a user to make use of and take advantage of the services and functions offered on the Site, they must be at least sixteen years of age or older. By browsing the Site, the user makes clear and guarantees that they are or have exceeded at that moment the minimum age limit and have the capacity, rights and ability to agree and commit to the Terms of Service, on the basis of which the functioning of the Site is governed.

Creation, processing and deletion of your listing

The Site was created to promote businesses for sale to a wide audience of customers at any time by means of a specialized platform. By completing the necessary form and creating your listing on the Site, you are agreeing to the promotion of your business, and you obtain access to all of the services that we offer. The form for creating a listing is made up of certain necessary information fields (e.g., name, last name, telephone number, email, etc.) in which you are asked to fill in your personal data by your own free consent. The policy by which these data will be used is fully developed on the corresponding page of the Privacy Policy. The creation of your listing is the first step in promoting your business, and you can then put up the listing using the corresponding page “Create a Listing”.

In the case that the user wishes to modify their published data or data that is not shown to other users but only to the staff who manage the Site, they have the right to do so at any time they deem necessary. In order to change specific data, it will be necessary to communicate with us via email or by means of the contact form on the Site, explaining to us what information you believe needs to be changed. Additionally, you reserve the right to request the cancellation or deletion of your listing, along with the full deletion of all relevant data, following precisely the same process for modifying your listing. The processing procedure of cancellation or deletion of your listing will occur within a reasonable interval of time, unless there exists some specific reason that compels us to keep your data in our files, on the basis of some explicit legal provision or on the basis of the Principle regarding storage limitation (Article 5(1)(e)), according to which, when the purpose of the processing is fulfilled, those data within that category of data that concerns the particular processing in question must be deleted. E.g., regarding the deletion of customer data, after the customer relationship has come to an end, the legislation of the Tax Department must be followed, and with regard to the deletion of employee data, after the termination of labor relations, the legislation of the Department of Social Insurance Services, respectively. After the deletion of your account, you will be informed by email about the successful outcome of the process. There exists a possibility that your listing will appear to still be active on our servers or on servers of third parties for a small amount of time after the deletion of your account because of the nature of the internet.

The management of the Company reserves the right at any time to modify or delete your listing if it is found to contain illegal content, threats, slander, racism, libel, vulgarity, harassment or any other form of speech which is not related to the kind of information intended for the Site. In cases where deletion is deemed necessary, the user will be informed through an email message containing an appropriate explanation.

Material, Content and Information of your listing

The Site offers services related to buying and selling businesses through the publication of listings for businesses and relevant information on its pages. These listings are created, added to our database and published on the Site when the necessary information has been entered into the listing creation form by natural and legal persons. These persons must possess ownership of the business so that they are able to represent it or, otherwise, possess the proper authorization from the owner, otherwise they do not fulfil the appropriate prerequisites for the above-mentioned action. The Site reserves the right to ask the user who is submitting a listing to provide the necessary documents in order to verify and confirm the above information and prove ownership or suitable authorization. The material and information that comprise the listing and which the user submits are exclusively their own responsibility and are provided voluntarily. Material is defined as the content of a listing of all kinds such as personal information, financial statements and other details, pictures, graphics, sound, music, video, photographs, messages, location, operating system, comments and every other form of information that the user may submit and publish on the Site. The Site, the Company which manages it, and its employees are not responsible for the accuracy of this content and do not have the ability to fully examine the reliability of the information submitted by users; this is exclusively the responsibility of the users themselves. The simple act of promoting a business cannot be considered to be the giving of expert counsel on the part of the Company.

By using, navigating and submitting information to the Site, the user automatically agrees and consents to the utilization of the information in question by Business Interval in order to promote the listing of their company. However, all personal data will remain private and will be used exclusively by the Company for the purposes of communicating with the user, while with regard to any other information concerning the management of your data, you can visit the webpage containing the Privacy Policy. Moreover, the user agrees that (1) the material that they provide to the Company and promote is in accordance with and does not violate the Terms of Use which govern the use of this Site, (2) that they possess the right to use the material they provide to the Company to promote their business, either by ownership or by legal authorization, (3) that, to the best of your knowledge,  the content of the listing that you provide to us is complete and true and (4) that the material that you submit does not infringe upon or violate the rights of third parties. Business Interval is not liable in cases where material submitted is erroneous due to the actions of the user.

Material, Content and Information of the Site

Regarding the Industrial and Intellectual Property of Business Interval, any information, services and content that exist on its website and are available to read constitute a part of the company and the corresponding natural and legal persons and their licenses of use. By publishing a listing, the users creating the listing accept the terms governing the functioning of the Site as well as the promotion and use of information that they have freely and voluntarily submitted. To clarify what is meant by content of the page, it should be made clear that we are referring to the following elements but we do not limit ourselves to these:

 The content of the Site includes characteristically: its visual appearance as well as the interactive experience that one derives from use of the website, which is comprised of audio-visual media, graphics, pictures, sounds, audio messages, video, articles, software of different kinds, databases, symbols and whatever other material or immaterial good is available on the Site. The Site reserves the right to add, modify and delete Material/Content of the Site at any moment and without prior notice.

The partial or whole commercial exploitation of the above characteristics, services and content of the Site is explicitly forbidden without the existence of explicit, previous, written consent from the administrative team of the Site. The term exploitation is understood to mean the utilization, copying, use, promotion, replication, access, sale, resale, reproduction and any other form or processing, formatting and modification of the characteristics, services and content of the website. The violation of the Industrial and Intellectual Property of the Site without the consent of its administrators may result in legal cases seeking remuneration on the part of the Site or third parties who work together with it, on the basis of existing laws and respective provisions.

Use of material, content and information of the Site

When you browse the Site, we provide you the right to use its content under specific conditions. The use of this material ought to be exclusively personal in nature, whether this be navigation, printing, or “downloading” on the part of the user. Commercial use in any way is explicitly forbidden.

By using the Site and its content, you are agreeing that you will limit yourself to its proper use, and you will not commit any actions such as collecting the information of another user or account for personal gain, using programs/applications or any similar tool (e.g., spiders, bots, etc.) which may overload the servers or other electronic and information systems of the Site, creating any similar or derivative work by means of modifying or copying the Site and its content, using on other webpages material, content or other products belonging to the Industrial and Intellectual ownership of the Site without having first obtained the explicit and written permission of the team who administers the site and designs its technical configurations or part of it. The above actions are not covered by the limited use license provided to users of the Site.

The aforementioned use license is valid for each section, page and portion of the Site; therefore, in order to use its services or content, the user will need to agree to it. Every unauthorized action and use of the material of the Site without the proper permission of the administrative team will lead to the invalidation of the limited use license in question and can result in legal charges seeking compensation on the part of the Site based on the existing laws and the respective provisions.

By browsing and using the Site, the user is agreeing to not encourage either themselves or a third party to post , email, transmit and upload the aforementioned page or to make available any kind of content that could be considered illegal, threatening, slanderous, racist, libelous, vulgar, bothersome and at the same time could violate the personal privacy of someone else, engage in ethnic, racial or other forms of discrimination, cause problems with minors in any way, be legally confidential to the wider public due to bylaws, violate a patent, a commercial brand, the product of intellectual or industrial property, or the financial rights of third parties, contain viruses, other codes that attack the software or any other part of the computer or server, or any harmful program intending to cause damage or obstruct the functioning of the Site systems. Moreover, the user will not deliberately or unintentionally transgress Greek and European law and its provisions, nor act with the intention of harassing third parties in any way, falsely representing a third party, declaring falsely and misleadingly that they are connected with a third party or entity and promoting in anyway the work and website of a competitor.

Even though the Site makes every effort to ensure its proper functioning by inspecting the information promoted on its pages, it cannot guarantee a full inspection due to the nature of some information, and it is not to be held liable in the case of user content which is mistaken, incorrect or malicious. Any user who believes that some material posted to the Site violates the present Terms of Use is kindly asked to contact the Company and inform us about the violation in question, and the Company will investigate and act accordingly. If such an event occurs, the Site reserves the right to investigate the issue and decide what is the proper course of action. Likely outcomes include the removal of the content in question or even the complete deletion of the account, if this is deemed necessary. The Site, the Company and its employees are not responsible for carrying out or not the abovementioned process. 

Links to the Site and from it to other websites

Hyperlinks to the Site are explicitly prohibited unless you have the written permission of the administrative team. The creation of links of this type are permissible only for non-commercial use.

The present Site has links, hyperlinks, and banners connected to other webpages, both affiliated and unaffiliated with the Company, in order to facilitate the user’s access to more information. The Site does not promote these pages, neither does it guarantee that, in the same way, the other webpages to which it links do not have viruses or other harmful material/software. These pages may have their own Terms of Use and Privacy Policies. This means that navigation on these pages requires that the user agrees to and is bound by different terms and data protection policies. The Site is not liable in any way for any problem or dispute that emerges on account of the change of terms and policies once you have moved to another webpage.

The Site is not liable for the truthfulness, accuracy or authenticity of the content on these other websites or for whatever else is offered or sold on them. The Site is not responsible for updating, validating and updating the content on these websites, and if the user decides to engage in an economic transaction with them, then that transaction will occur in accordance with the terms of use of the respective webpage in question. The Site is not liable for the final result or the process of the transaction. The existence of links on the Site aims to accommodate users and does not mean that the Company supports in some way the other Company which manages the webpage which is linked to. Once the user chooses to visit these other webpages, they do so in full knowledge and agreement that the Site ceases to bear any responsibility.

Site Privacy

Business Interval respects your rights, confidentiality and privacy. The Privacy Policy of Business Interval contains the full framework of the Privacy Policies which we follow in its entirety and it is in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 679/2016 and Law 4624/2019. Click here for the Privacy Policy

Secure Use of the Site

Any attempt to intervene or act with the intention of intercepting information and data or of damaging the systems and servers of the Site is explicitly forbidden. Any attempt on the part of an unauthorized person to use pages of the Site, which are protected by a code and intended for use only by the administrative team, may result in legal charges on behalf of the Site on the basis of the existing laws and their relevant provisions.

Quality Assurance Guarantees

The Site is obligated to check and confirm that the material and information received by it is true and in accordance with the law. The Company believes that this particular action is of the highest importance, and so it strives to constantly improve in this area; however, complete quality assurance of this content is not feasible because of the nature of certain information that we receive. On account of the abovementioned, the Site, the Company and its employees are not to be held responsible for the legality of the information, the authenticity of the content, the precision of the material voluntarily submitted by users, nor for any damages or losses.

Business Interval does not bear responsibility, except in cases of deceit or serious negligence. Any occurrence that may lead to a legal claim against Business Interval must be communicated in writing to Business Interval within 15 calendar days from the day that the occurrence becomes known to you, if it becomes known to you.

If the Company decides to amend or interrupt immediately an offered service, capability, either of a portion or the entirety of the functioning of the Site, it may do so freely and without being required to notify its users, since this is one of its legal rights. Business Interval is not accountable to you or to any third party if it exercises this right to amend or interrupt the functioning of the webpage or of any of its parts or capabilities.

Even though the Site makes every effort to ensure that it functions properly without problems, rectifying potential errors/mistakes and discouraging the appearance of programs/software/viruses that may attack its systems, the Company cannot make any guarantees about any of these aforementioned cases, and it should be made clear that it cannot be held responsible in the case that one of these problems arises or something similar occurs. By using the Site, the user agrees to the present Terms of Use and to the fact that navigating and making use of its functions and offered services is done exclusively at your own risk. The user is the sole person responsible if while navigating and using the Site some damage, harm or loss of data occurs to his equipment, to the software that he is using, or to his hard drive. In the case of events that happen outside the limits of what is foreseeable by the average person (e.g., labor problems, fire, acts of God, explosion, war, theft or any other similar situation), the Site is not responsible for issues created because of the inability or delay in applying any part of the Terms of Use.

Jurisdiction – Competence – Conflict Resolution

The Terms of Use, on the basis of which the operation of the Site is governed, as well as any future modification of these Terms and any other issues that may arise from their implementation are set within the legal framework provided by Greek Law. In case of legal disputes arising from these services or the navigation/use of the Site, the Courts of Thessaloniki are responsible for resolving them, which should be understood and accepted by users/visitors/subscribers.

Applicable Provisions

The Site of Business Interval is governed by the present Terms of Use, with which users must be in agreement in order to take advantage of its services and content. These Terms of Use supersede any previous agreement or interpretation pertaining to the Content or Material of the Site as well as the services and products offered by it. In the case of a possible dispute or conflict arising connected to the smooth functioning of the Site and the present Terms of Use, the Terms are to keep their precedence, since they hold priority and express the Company which manages the Site. If, for any reason, a portion or part of the terms of use becomes inapplicable, invalid or illicit, then that particular part, and that alone, will be considered as an exception to be invalid, without this affecting the validity and applicability of the rest of the Terms of Use for the Site.

If, for any reason, Business Interval is unable to implement a part of the Terms of Use outlined here, in no case will this event carry with it the implication that the Company is giving up the rights in question or the right to impose these Terms in the future.

Updates – Changes to the Terms of Use

The Site reserves the right to change, modify and amend, in any way, parts of the Terms of Service at any moment that it deems it necessary to do so, without any prior notice or update. However, in cases of fundamental changes, Business Interval will make every effort to notify users of the changes in question through notifications on the home page. The use and navigation of the Site automatically translates into consent and complete acceptance of the Terms of Use on the part of users; for this reason, they are asked to read carefully these Terms and to review them regularly for possible changes.


The present Terms of Use taken as a whole constitute a complete contract/agreement between the Site and each user/visitor.


For any questions or clarifications related to the functioning of the Site, the Terms of Use, or anything else related to the Site, users are kindly asked to communicate with us via our e-mail address: [email protected]